About Total Project Solutions

  We pride ourselves in being proactive as well as reactive to accommodate all who are involved in the construction process. We are small enough to take on just a portion of your project, and yet have created a strong enough network to take on the entire project if so desired. TPS comes into every situation with a get-it-done attitude, and does not leave until we know that the client is satisfied.

  Whether it’s a large retail store that needs a full ADA Remodel in Florida, or a new lock set at dollar store here in Louisville, OH we will deliver a job well done with character and enthusiasm. Total Project Solutions is all about TRUST. Let us earn yours today!

  Total Project Solutions specializes in Commercial Remodeling, Commercial Refreshes, and many types of miscellaneous Commercial installs. Our goal is to provide a quality project while delivering on time and under budget. 

  We are willing to travel nationwide, but prefer to work in and around the state of Ohio when possible. We can simply provide labor, sub out a portion, provide a superintendent, or take on the entire project. Over the years we have become very comfortable with multi-site programs. We learn more and more from each similar project for a certain brand that we take on, which ends up saving time and money for all that are involved.

  Remodels, Brand Transformations, Office Build Outs, Restrooms, Wall Moves, ADA Requirements, Installs, Fixtures, Doors, Fitting Rooms, Break Rooms, Stock Rooms, Ceiling Grid, Flooring, Painting, Signage, Decorating, Seasonal Resets, Racking, Emergency Maintenance, Surveys, Project Supervision and Reporting.

   Restaurants, Retail Stores, Warehouses, Offices, Cinemas, Churches, Airports, Pharmacies, Manufacturing Plants, Retirement Homes, Banks, Grocery Stores, Big Box, Mom and Pops.